Hamm Chemie offers a variety of services such as the diluting of highly concentrated acids and the dissolving of solids. Tank terminals with a capacity of 14,000 tonnes are available for our liquid inorganic products, approx. 300,000 tonnes of which are handled each year.

Storage of liquid chemicals

Our long standing contacts with producers and our large tank capacities enable us to complete rapid and reliable deliveries, and with a handling volume of 300,000 tonnes per year we are also one of the biggest chemicals trading businesses in Germany.


Tank capacities

  • Sulphuric acid: 6,000 t
  • Hydrochloric acid: 5,000 t
  • Iron II chloride solution: 1,260 t
  • Battery acid: 450 t
  • Soda solution: 420 t
  • VE water: 100 t
  • Aluminium chloride solution: 100 t

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Laboratory analyses

Our in-house laboratory not only serves the purposes of incoming and outgoing goods inspections and the monitoring of processes, it is also available to our customers.

We can also create in-depth analyses in the field of inorganic chemistry for the chemicals industry on request. We will be pleased to assist you with the details regarding the testing and measuring processes as well as our analysis possibilities.


Reinhold Suchowski

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