In addition to our trading with hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid and sodium hydroxide, we also offer complete solutions for large-scale customers, including in the fields of water chemistry / iron-II-chloride solutions as well as products for the cleaning of biogas and digester gases.

Sulphuric acid

In the inorganic base materials industry, sulphuric acid is one of the most important products there is.

The major consumers include the crude oil, iron and steel industries as well as manufacturers of colourants and textile fibres. The proportion of sulphuric acid is also very important in the fertiliser industry. This acid is also ideal for the drying of gases.

Hamm Chemie supplies the following trade forms of sulphuric acid reliably, quickly and at consistently high levels of quality:

  • Sulphuric acid approx. 96%, specific weight 1.84 kg/litre
  • Sulphuric acid approx. 78%, specific weight 1.71 kg/litre
  • Battery acid approx. 20-50%, specific weight 1.20-1.40 kg/litre

Qualities in accordance with DIN 43 530 (parts 1 + 2), DIN EN 899 are also available.


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Hydrochloric acid

There is almost no industrial sector that doesn’t use hydrochloric acid: from the metals industry, to waste water treatment, to the production of ultra-pure water in the electronics industry for example, hydrochloric acid is used almost everywhere.

The food products and pharmaceuticals industry also use hydrochloric acid from Hamm Chemie for the production of their products.

Depending on the purpose, a variety of different qualities are available from the following production processes:

  • Sulphate hydrochloric acid from the Mannheim muffle furnace process
  • Process acid as a by-product from the chemicals industry

All qualities comply with DIN EN 939.


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Sodium hydroxide

Sodium hydroxide is used for a wide range of applications in differing areas. Hamm Chemie supplies it in the best quality.

Sodium hydroxide qualities are subject to the following regulations for their differing applications:

  • DIN EN 896 on the treatment of water for human consumption
  • DIN 19616 page 1 on the treatment of water, not for the regeneration of ion exchangers
  • DIN 19616 page 2 on the treatment of water, for the regeneration of ion exchangers

Thomas Sapor

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Water chemistry / iron II chloride

We produce liquid precipitants for the treatment of water and the purification of waste water on the basis of an iron-II-chloride solution which fulfil the requirements of an intense and environmentally friendly treatment of water. We create individual mixes according to customer requirements for the following areas:

  • Phosphate elimination
  • Sulphide elimination
  • Sludge conditioning
  • Flocculation and nano-precipitation
  • Emulsion splitting
  • Activated sludge treatments

Our development laboratory can also find the optimum solution in the case of sophisticated requirements – also on-site Our technicians will review the situation, and realise the appropriate concept for your area of application together with you. We also offer numerous products for the cleaning of biogas and digester gases.


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Soda solution

Hamm Chemie can process solid material into a soda solution at its on-site solution preparation system up to a maximum concentration of 25 percent.

Despite the high crystallisation point of approx. 35°C, the latest systems ensure the optimum product quality is guaranteed.

This is guaranteed by both the insulated and heatable pipelines as well as the large-scale storage tanks at Hamm Chemie.


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