Hamm Chemie

Hamm Chemie is one of the leading companies for the chemicals trade in Germany.

From its location in Oberhausen, acids and alkalis are shipped all over Europe. The sale of sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide to large-scale customers is the key focus of our business activities. Our port, which includes fire extinguishing equipment, is absolutely ideal for the rapid handling of liquid, inorganic chemicals. It is accessible to ships of up to 1,200 tonnes without any problem.

Chemicals retail for large-scale customers

Our excellent and long-standing contacts with producers and our large tank capacities that total over 14,000 tonnes enable us to complete rapid and reliable deliveries, and with a handling volume of 300,000 tonnes per year we are also one of the biggest chemicals trading businesses in Germany.

In addition to this, Hamm Chemie offers a variety of services such as the diluting of highly concentrated acids and the dissolving of solids.


  • 1908 With its managing director Fritz Hamm, the steel trading company that would later become part of the Oswald Group establishes the company Agriculura GmbH, Düsseldorf, for the sale of basic slag as a fertiliser.
  • 1912 Founding of Fritz Hamm GmbH, Düsseldorf. Company purpose: retail of sulphuric acid.
  • 1917 The company Chemische Werke Rombach GmbH, Oberhausen, is founded for the production of sodium sulphate and hydrochloric acid.
  • 1931 The production of sulphuric acid, battery acid and composite fertilisers begins in Oberhausen.
  • 1971 Concordia Berg AG takes ownership of the Curtius GmbH chemicals plant in Duisburg and constructs a facility for the production of sulphuric acid.
  • 1976 As part of a requisite restructuring of Concordia Berg AG, the major shareholder Schering AG, Berlin leaves the company and takes ownership of the four companies.
  • 1981 Schering AG merges the four companies into just one: Hamm Chemie GmbH, Düsseldorf.
  • 1983 Windmill BV buys Hamm Chemie GmbH from Schering AG.
  • 1986 The Oslo-based group Norsk Hydro buys the company.
  • 1989 Development of the production of hydrochloric acid and sodium sulphate with the addition of a Mannheimer muffle furnace.
  • 1997 Construction of a recycling facility for the processing of used corrosives from the hot-dip galvanizing industry into the end products of iron-II and zing-II chloride solution.
  • 2000 The production of hydrochloric acid and sodium-potassium sulphate comes to an end.
  • 2001 Takeover of the Oberhausen production location by the newly established company Balver Chemieservice GmbH as a production, storage and handling company; takeover of the trading activities by the newly established Hamm Chemie GmbH as a sales company.
  • 2011 100% takeover by the Hertin family and merger of the companies Wocklum Chemie and Hamm Chemie.